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100% Financing available

Full design, installation, and maintenance services.

Save money and help combat climate change.

Reduce your electricity bills by typically 30% with a solar panel installation.

Greenwood energy will take care of everthing, so you can focus on your core business



Why choose Greenwood Energy Latin America?

We have proven experience in financing and developing solar energy projects across the Americas.

Our on-site solar energy installations generate significant savings on energy bills. The electricity uploaded to the grid from your Greenwood solar panels is offset against your own energy consumption. Our 100% credit terms mean that there is no initial cash outlay. Furthermore the process is hassle-free: we take care of all aspects of the project from design to implementation.

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Net Metering

Is a regulated procedure quantifying the net energy that you consume annually and represents the net energy that is included on your electricity bill. You pay the difference between energy consumed and that generated by your on-site solar panels.

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Calculate the estimated saving on your electricity bill

Our experience

We are part of an international group with more than 370 mw of assets in renewable energy.

We have projects operating on 2 continents and in 12 countries.

Our main office and team are based in Panama.

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We bring power to your business

Greenwood Energy

It´s not the future of business
It´s business for today´s world.

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