Net metering

Take advantage of the daylight hours and convert sunlight into energy.
Save costs and help save the planet!

Net Metering

Net metering is a regulated procedure quantifying the net energy that you consume annually and represents the energy charged to your electricity bill. You pay the difference between energy consumed and that generated by your on-site solar panels.

Process and Installation

Solar energy is collected by solar panels installed at your building or facility – typically on a rooftop.

The energy they generate is offset against the energy you consume – simple, sustainable and cost-effective. Expect savings of around 30%.

Funcionamiento panel solar - GWE

Solar Distributed Energy

For many year across Latin America public companies have generated electricity and controlled its transmission and distribution.

Today the market is changing rapidly and traditional energy providers are becoming less competitive given the ability of private organizations to install solar energy without distribution costs. In most Latin American countries local laws permit the generation of renewable energy for self-consumption.

Any organization that generates its own energy and does not need to pay additional transmission and distribution costs is at a significant advantage.

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