Greenwood Energy in the U.S., a Libra Group company, has developed 82.98 MW solar PV in four portfolios since 2013 and including ceilings and floors.

EuroEnergy, also a Libra Group company, has approximately 370 MW capacity in wind and solar PV in Europe.

Hospital de Chiriquí

Hospital Chiriqui 500 kW: Chiriqui, Panama

Chiriqui Hospital is a photovoltaic project of 500 kw of nominal power with a fixed structure on the roof and the garage of the Chiriqui Hospital.

Now we are generating clean energy and saving on out net consumption of 30% from the electricity bill in Chiriqui Hospital.

The project is designated “auto-consummption” under the program of ASEP AN 5399-Elec. The private hospital is in the City of David, capital of the province of Chiriqui, Panama.

Proyecto Los Molinos 600 KW: Coclé, Panamá

Project Los Molinos 600 KW: Cocle, Panama

Greenwood Energy Latin America will develop, execute, and carry out the operation and maintenance of a 600kw on-site solar project in “The Mills” in Cocle, Panama. The project will be executed under regulation ASEP AN 10206

Super 99

Solar Project of 941 KWp for Super 99 (Supermarket Chain)

Greenwood Energy Latinoamerica, recently completed a solar panel installation on the roof of Super 99 with a total power of 941 Kwp, a well-known supermarket and the biggest chain in the country of Panama. This project is part of a larger agreement with Super 99 to install solar panels on the rooftops and carports until of total of 21 buildings (16 MWp in total) that belongs to the chain distributed in the different provinces of the country, as Cocle, Chirqui, etc). The agreement could be extended up to 30 buildings that are been discussing nowadays after checking the great savings results of the pilot installation of Super 99 (Mañanitas).

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