Greenwood Energy Latinoamérica Announces Net Metering Project at Los Molinos Rice Mill

Panama, April 20, 2017. Greenwood Energy Latinoamérica has announced the pilot phase in the development and operation of a ‘distributed generation’ solar power system with up to 600 KW capacity at the Los Molinos’s rice mills in Santa Isabel and Las Mercedes at Coclé, Panama.

The project is located on Los Molinos’s owned land adjacent to the mills, and will provide net-metered power for 25 years. At these mills, rice is delivered in bulk, transported in elevators that allow moisture into the grains and from there distributed to the different dryers where the rice achieves optimal humidity for long-term storage.

Greenwood Energy LatinoAmerica has a track record for providing grid-connected solar energy facilities for both Net Metering and Power Purchase Agreement applications. The company draws upon the expertise and track record of its USA-based sister company within the Libra Group, Greenwood Energy, which has developed 82.98 MW solar PV in four portfolios since 2013. The company is targeting organisations across Latin America who want to reduce energy costs and help combat climate change through clean energy generation.