Would you like to reduce the costs of electricity consumption of your factory, company or business? Greenwood Energy Latam offers you the solution.

Panamá, Dec 10, 2019. Greenwood Energy Latin America, is a company dedicated to renewable energy specifically solar. It is part of the Libra Group, a diverse multinational group with interests in in renewable energy throughout the Americas and across Europe.

Our aim is to show customers how the adoption of renewable energy makes both economic and environmental sense. The case for renewable energy applies equally to commercial/industrial businesses or institutions such as universities, hospitals and government facilities.

We principally serve two types of customer:

1) Large Clients: Commercial or institutional clients that consistently exhibit a monthly power consumption above 100kVA across a whole year. For these clients we arrange ‘self-consumption’ of electricity as an alternative to purchasing from public utilities or major energy companies. The customer can either own its power generating facility or enter a long term ‘Power Purchase Agreement’ providing electricity from a Greenwood-owned solar facility

2) Smaller clients who can gain from ‘Net Metering’ – by installing solar panels at their own premises (typically on rooftops or in exterior spaces such as car parks). Net metering is a regulated procedure quantifying the net energy that is charged to your electricity bill. You pay the difference between the energy consumed and that generated by your on-site solar panels. Businesses or organisations can install solar systems with a mínimum 500 kW capacity and start making immediate savings. A system of this size would equate to an approximate annual production of 675,000 kWh.

How does the process begin?

At Greenwood Energy Latin Amarica, we have a multidisciplinary team that carries out a comprehensive analysis electricity consumption at your premises in order to prepare a tailored project proposal. The entire evaluation and project design process is at our expense, so you only have to pay when you are entirely happy with the cost and energy saving proposals and are ready to commit..

The cost

Uniquely, we finance the entire project including   engineering, installation, design, monitoring and maintenance, without an up=front fee. This means we offer you an energy saving proposal with 100% financing of the project and an estimate of your monthly payment for electricity.

What are the benefits that this brings to your organization or business?

1) Total financing, of the project. Almost no solar energy provider offers this benefit.

2) Approximately 30% savings in electricity once the project is installed.

3) Reduction in your overall fixed costs. For commercial clients this feeds directly into preices chargeable for products or services.

4) Reputation: Any organisation that is seen to take a respponsible attitute to energy consumption, demonstrating a clear reduction in carbon footprint will be admired – and in competitive Business tenders a demonstrable environmental policy will often be a prerequisite for participation..

We will add to these insight articles, providing you with a broader understanding of the benefits of using solar energy at your working premises.