As a solar energy specialist, we deploy solar technology in the most appropriate way for each customer’s needs.

Whether a net metering solution or a power purchase agreement for self-consumption, we can provide 100% financing, generating significant energy savings with no up-front cash outlay.

We take care of every aspect of the project. We get all the legal permits, we manage the installation, operation, and maintenance, so you can focus on your business.

Net Metering

Net Metering

Net metering is a regulated procedure quantifying the net energy that you consume annually and represents the energy charged to your electricity bill. You pay the difference between energy consumed and that generated by your on-site solar panels.

Process and Installation

Solar energy is collected by solar panels installed at your building or facility – typically on a rooftop.

The energy they generate is offset against the energy you consume – simple, sustainable and cost-effective. Expect savings of around 30%.


For many years across Latin America, public companies have generated electricity and controlled its transmission and distribution.

Today the market is changing rapidly and traditional energy providers are becoming less competitive given the ability of private organizations to install solar energy without distribution costs. In most Latin American countries local laws permit the generation of renewable energy for self-consumption.

Any organization that generates its own energy and does not need to pay additional transmission and distribution costs is at a significant advantage.

Save costs and help save the planet!

Power Purchase Agreements

Power Purchase Agreements

Power Purchase Agreements provide a new option for energy supply in Latin America. These agreements enable customers to set up self-consumption of electricity as an alternative to purchasing from public utilities or major energy companies.

Power Purchase Agreements

In a volatile market, subject to constant price fluctuation and political uncertainty with unknown effects on subsidies and costs,  self-consumption provides:

  • Cost reduction amid a pervading rise in energy costs in the region
  • Cost security – fixed price per kWh under a long-term power purchase agreement. Reduces uncertainty, aids planning
  • A contribution to greenhouse gas emissions reduction
  • An environmentally and social responsible energy policy for your organisation, which could be included in your marketing campaigns.

Greenwood Energy has been rolling out self-consumption energy projects in Panama and Latin America since 2014 and brings deep experience of the market and the technology.

Self-consumption services for customers: Whether customers own their power generating facility through a ‘Build- Operate-Transfer’ project or enter a long term ‘Power Purchase Agreement’ from a Greenwood-owned solar facility, we offer all the necessary services for organisations to implement a self-consumption strategy:

  • Planning, design and project development: identifying the land and securing its usage and access rights, processing licence or permit applications, engineering management, obtaining grid connection contract
  • Setting up qualified self-consumption customer status
  • Full construction and implementation management
  • Financing with local or national partners
  • Operation and maintenance throughout the lifecycle of the project
  • Management of energy purchase